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ServiceNow donates solar education to 7 German schools

Interested schools can apply here until October 6th .

The ServiceNow Community Improvement Fund aims to accelerate global decarbonization efforts by supporting high-impact projects in communities near the ServiceNow office in Munich.

The total value of the Solar Education Program for Schools is €9,970. The selected schools will receive the entire package free of charge.

The solar education materials for students and teachers connect the topics of energy transition and photovoltaics ("PV") in an emotional way. Through interactive education with forward-looking and emotional concepts in various subjects from physics to math and geography to ethics, we motivate young people to actively contribute to our society through positive participation.

Our educational package for the ServiceNow Fund includes a PV experiment set for physics lessons, a PV teaching system for self-assembly as well as learning content for lessons and - if the school does not yet have a PV system - a detailed feasibility study as to whether it is possible to install a system on the school's roof.

There will be a Zoom Q&A on the program and application on Tuesday, September 19th at 3 p.m. CET. Pre-registration is required to participate. Register here .

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