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Case study: Solar Education chooses sustainable storage from Seagate

Hard drive provider Seagate has written a comprehensive case study on solar education including a video

A teaching program for photovoltaics generates large amounts of video and teaching data. Solar Education naturally also expects its data storage provider to be committed to responsible use of energy and the circular economy.

"As a non-profit organization, we focus on simplicity in all matters," says Dr. Marc Batschkus, a member of the Solar for Schools Education team. "This also applies to the workflow when creating educational videos. We record with two cameras at the same time in order to then select the best perspective. We want to capture the processes in an understandable way with as few takes as possible."

Immediately after recording, the files are copied to a fast solid-state drive (SSD) and then to a hard drive to create three copies of all media files for backup. Additionally, the organization stores a backup copy of its entire Dropbox folder on a Seagate hard drive. This offline copy serves as a collaboration center.

Since Solar Education is focused on supporting all aspects of sustainability, refurbished Seagate hard drives are the perfect solution.

"We strongly support the reuse and extended lifespan of storage media," says Matthias Schmuderer, MSE, Managing Director of Solar for Schools Education. "Especially in the education sector, it is a win-win situation to use low-cost, large-capacity Seagate hard drives. For the same cost, institutions can store larger amounts of data. We find Seagate's commitment to a fully circular economy particularly remarkable."

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