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Educational offer

From kindergarten to high school

We offer a comprehensive selection of materials with the photovoltaic system as the anchor of educational delivery.

Our educational program is based on six pillars:

  1. Teaching units for the classroom

  2. Solar experiment case

  3. Photovoltaic teaching aid system

  4. Solar for Schools mobile app

  5. Membership in the International Community of Solar for Schools

  6. Video library

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Content for the classroom

We currently offer about 30 hours of teaching material through various teaching units with an average duration of 2 teaching hours.

Topics range from energy and electricity overviews for elementary school to complex integral mathematical calculations for the higher grades. They go beyond mathematics, physics and chemistry, e.g. our unique ethics workshop with 6 hours materials.


Our lessons are developed with direct feedback from university students. This ensures their relevance to the new generations and their involvement in the various issues.

Lessons include lesson scripts, presentation decks, graphics, working papers, solutions, etc. They are provided in PDF format and in an easy-to-customize format (e.g. MS-Word).


We plan to release at least two new lessons per quarter in 2023 (incl. adaptations for different age groups).

Solar PV-System live stream

The opportunity to turn the annual maintenance of the PV system into an exciting physics lesson. Any teacher or even the school janitor could perform the livestream.


The photovoltaic experiment set, newly developed with the expertise of physics teachers and successfully presented at the German Physical Society, shows schoolchildren how photovoltaics works.

The complete set is suitable for 16 students. It consists of 8 experiment stations, on which two students can work at the same time. Each experiment is duplicated. 

The experiment set is produced by the Caritas Brucker workshop for people with disabilities in Fürstenfeldbruck, Germany. When selecting the materials and components, particular importance was attached to recyclability and repairability in addition to operability.

See details about the experiments here

Video about experiment 1 & 2

See prices here

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A  gamified app to learn

The Solar for Schools app teaches students everything they should know about the environment, energy, electricity and photovoltaics. In addition, you can design a PV system for your school and compete against other schools in the rankings.



  • The curriculum is designed for children ages 9 and up (KS3+)

  • 18 lessons with a total learning time of approx. 4-6 hours

  • Subjects: geography, technology, mathematics and natural sciences.

  • Solar Panel Design Tool: Students can design a solar panel system for their school and learn the impact of their design in terms of electricity generation, carbon savings.

  • Students can compete against other classes in their school or other schools in their area on the leaderboard. They can unlock characters as they progress. It’s learning in disguise.


A web-based PV design software

We provide easy to use analysis and design software based tools. The students can design a photovoltaic system themselves and calculate the expected power generation, CO2 savings and the entire business plan.

We have all the schools in the UK in the database, so you can start with the draft with just a few clicks here.

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Pricing models

100% of the income from the license fees goes to the development of further educational materials


License fees include access to:

  • the online teaching materials

  • the pro version of our app

  • the national and international network of the International Community of Solar for Schools

Licence fees

Fees are dependent of the number of pupils.

up to 250 students:   150€ per school year

up to 500 students:   250€ per school year

up to 750 students:   400€ per school year

from 750 students:    500€ per school year

Prices without VAT

Solar Experiment Kit

We offer two versions

School years 2-7

The Qualitative Experiment Kit is suitable for pupils from grades 2 to 7 under the guidance of a teacher.

This is an extra large Experiment 1 model (topic "Optimum tilt angle between module and light source") from its sister kit. It may be used in subjects such as geography or ethics.

The extra large PV modules, the ease of use and the solid construction provide security when experimenting, especially in the lower grades.

Price 540€ (without VAT)

Secondary / high schools

Der physics experimentation model is suitable for students from grade 8.


We offer the complete experiment set for 16 students (8 kits) for a total price of


3,300€ (wo/ VAT)

The price is made up as follows together: 

  • 2x Experiment 1, each 470€ (wo/ VAT)

  • 2x Experiment 2, each 410€ (wo/ VAT)

  • 2x experiment 3, each 390€ (wo/ VAT)

  • 2x experiment 4, each 390€ (wo/ VAT)

Each experiment can be purchased individually. 

Schools that purchase the experiment set receive free access to our online teaching materials, the pro version of our app and the opportunity to network with national or international schools from the International Community of Solar for Schools


We are happy to offer you support with financing, for example via the platform.


The delivery time is approx. 3 months from receipt of order. Delivery costs not included in the price above.



Sabine Lobert
Deputy Headmistress

SFZ Freising

It was only through Solar for Schools Learning that we realized what a treasure we have with our PV system on the roof of our special education center in Freising.


With the teaching units provided by Solar for Schools Learning, we are able to explain to children how the PV modules work in a practical way and enable the students to understand the technology through independent experiments. The school staff and our students have been made aware of the use of renewable energies in a particularly sustainable way through concrete encounters with the PV modules.


Since 2022, the Bavarian State Ministry for Education and Culture has been funding the "Everyday Skills - School for Life" concept, which is intended to help strengthen practical and real-world reference in schools. The concept provides practical modules in which the teaching content of the curriculum is prepared and carried out in cooperation with external experts. 

All these components are comprehensively covered by Solar for Schools Learning modules and are an enrichment for our special educational support center Freising.

Solar experiment kit references

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