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PV-Lernspiel von Solar Bildung gGmbH

We make the energy transition
graspable, real
and inspiring

Emotional materials for teachers to use in all types of schools, levels and subjects from MINT to geography and ethics




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Marlena Schmöller

"If I had known how exciting physics can be, I would have changed my mind about my subject's choice!"
- Marlena Schmöller, high school graduate from Munich

The energy transition should take place in people's minds, not just on roofs and fields.

Our materials for students and teachers combine the topics of energy transition and photovoltaics in an emotional way. 

We are currently making enormous efforts to technically advance the energy transition. The demands of the people go far beyond that. The children and young people want to know more about the connections and reasons for the current climate situation.

Through interactive education with forward-looking and emotional concepts in various subjects from physics to math and geography to ethics, we motivate young people to actively contribute to our society through positive participation.


Educational offer

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Suitable for elementary school students and older Kinder Garden children, our explorer kit teaches how photovoltaics work. 

PV-Experimente Solar Bildung, Europäische Schule München

We offer 4 different models for the school laboratory. From easy for grades 5 and 6 to more challenging for grades 8 to 11. 

PV-Teaching Aid from Solar Education

PV learning system

Soon available, the PV teaching aid system will offer students the opportunity to build up a full-sized PV system by themselves. 

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 Course content

We have teaching units for each subject and for each grade that meet the requirements of the respective curricula.

Circle Team Solar Bildung

Funded by donations, the non-profit Solar for Schools Education was founded to combine the use of solar energy with practical teaching materials. 


We want to give our children the tools they need to build a solid foundation of knowledge about sustainability and climate.


Our vision is that this knowledge gained at a young age resonates in adulthood and correlates with an increased ability to address local and global challenges and to contribute responsibly within society

Our purpose

Sabine Lobert

Sabine Lobert

Deputy Head Teacher

SFZ Freising

With the teaching units provided by Solar Education, we can explain how the PV modules work in a practical way and enable the students to understand the technology through independent experiments. Our students have been sensitized to the use of renewable energies in a particularly sustainable way through concrete experiments with the PV modules.”

Norman Mier_reference

Norman Mier

SCI coordination

European School Munich

Absolutely brilliant! Well done!


Finally, good, efficient and playful material that creates a connection between SCI, physics and sustainable development!"

Karin Schneider

StD‘in Karin Schneider

Deputy Head Teacher

Waldschule Degerloch

"Thanks to Solar for Education, we can now clearly convey the topic of using solar energy through photovoltaics to the pupils of the forest school using real-life examples and exciting experiments. There are experiments for the younger students as well as demanding contexts for the upper school."

Fabian Koch

Fabian Koch, StR

Maths and Physics Teacher

Gymnasium Buchloe

"The Solar Education workshops were a great enrichment for our climate week! In two parallel workshops, the students were initially able to independently estimate the school’s electricity requirements. They were then allowed to "cover" the roof of the school with a PV system using an online tool in order to recognize the unused potential."​


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