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The students experience their school's own PV system up close. At the beginning, the basics of maintenance are taught. The system is presented to the class in a video conference. In an open discussion with the students, the essential components of the system are to be identified and framework facts (inclination, orientation, performance, etc.) of the system are to be worked out.

Subject: General knowledge, natural sciences, physics

Year: From 4th grade

Duration: 90 minutes

Required hardware

  • Projector / whiteboard for presentations
  • Laptop with internet access (possibly “surfstick”)
  • Mobile phone with internet access (mobile data)
  • Safety equipment, headset / headphones, measuring stick
  • Students: Compass and set square. Possibly compass

Photovoltaic Livestream

VAT Included
    • Overview Instructions and script for the teacher
    • Presentations (PPT) for teaching
    • Worksheets & Solutions
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