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This workshop aims to provide ethical and logical reasons why we should change our behavior with regard to energy supply. It begins by pointing out a fallacy in our consumption and thus uncovering the origins of our consumer goods. It then looks at our society's dependence on a continuous energy supply as well as the consequences of electricity generation from fossil fuels. Finally, the concept of PV systems is explained and presented as a way of generating renewable energy. It also shows how students can become active themselves and stand up for their beliefs with the help of various tools.

Subject: Ethics, Religion, Natural Sciences, Politics, Philosophy

Year: From 5th grade

Duration: 3 modules of 120, 125 and 90 minutes each

Cornucopias in society - Ethics lesson

€19.99 Regular Price
€9.99Sale Price
VAT Included
    • Develop an understanding of consumption and the origins of consumer goods

    • Understanding how important electricity is for the functioning of our society

    • Know what PV systems are and how they work

    • Learning about ways to represent your own beliefs

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