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With solar energy we made music

New milestone for Solar Bildung. First time our PV-teaching aid is in use.

Soon any school shall be able to acquire our PV-teaching-aid system. After almost a year in research & development, the six German schools that were selected to the Servicenow Community Improvement Fund are going to be the first ones receiving this innovative and unique learning tool.

The PV-teaching-aid system is a real and fully equipped photovoltaic system that students and pupils build themselves in class. It has two units with a full-sized solar module.

The first school to receive the system has been the Pestalozzi Gymnasium in Munich. With the involvement of its Physics-Seminar, an incredible group of 12 sharp and socially engaged girls in their senior year, the Umwelt AK and several Servicenow employees (including its Germany Country Manager Robert Rosellen), we built the PV-teaching-aid system in approx. 90 Minutes and with the energy generated by the sun, powered an e-Piano. One of the AK pupils played a touching piece to all the participants in the workshop.

A memorable day indeed. To many more to come!

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