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"Let's build a photovoltaic system" workshop

We are holding workshops at the Bavarian Garden Show until Oct. 2024.

Kirchheim2024, the huge Bavarian Horticultural Show that takes place every two years, started this past Wednesday in Kirchheim near Munich. It shall be open to the public until Oct. 6th.

Solar Education is present in the area "Green School", with an oversized PV-system and a workshop that can be booked by schools, associations and companies. Participants of the workshop shall learn how to build a PV-system and its operation in approx. 3 hours.

Details of the workshop

In our workshop, students build a full-sized photovoltaic system from a kit themselves. They explore and understand the various components of a PV system. Our highlight: The electricity generated by the PV system is used to operate a popcorn machine that produces fresh popcorn during the workshop.

The educational goals here are to promote team working skills and gain understanding of the technical structure and nature of a photovoltaic system.

Our goal is to make the energy transition clear, tangible and inspiring!

On the opening day, the first workshop: A great success!

Yesterday we held our first workshop “We are building a photovoltaic system” as part of the “School in the Green” educational project at the Kirchheim State Garden Show. The students worked hard, tinkered and worked as a team. In the end, we were able to make our own popcorn with the electricity generated by the PV modules - a complete success!

Workshop content

1. Welcome and introduction

At the beginning of the workshop, the students are welcomed and the tasks are explained. The school class is then divided into two groups: Team Green and Team Orange.

2. Setting up the PV-System

Each team sets up a teaching aid system that consists of the various parts of the stand, holder and table. The students learn about the individual components and their functions.

3. Lunch break and popcorn

After successful setup, there is a short lunch break. During this time, popcorn is made with the electricity generated by the PV system - a delicious and motivating experience!

4. Dismantling the PV-system

After the break, the teaching material system will be dismantled again. The workshop ends with a final discussion and the opportunity to clarify any open questions.

We look forward to many more successful workshops and to awakening the students' interest and understanding of renewable energies. Visit us at the Kirchheim State Garden Show and experience the energy transition up close!

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