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Cornucopias in society and sustainable lifestyles


From 5th grade


3 Module, 335'


19,99 €


This workshop aims to provide ethical and logical reasons why we should change our behavior with regard to energy supply. It begins by pointing out a fallacy in our consumption and thus uncovering the origins of our consumer goods. It then looks at our society's dependence on a continuous energy supply as well as the consequences of electricity generation from fossil fuels. Finally, the concept of PV systems is explained and presented as a way of generating renewable energy. It also shows how students can become active themselves and stand up for their beliefs with the help of various tools.


Ethics, Philosophy, Politics

Learning goals

  • Develop an understanding of consumption and the origins of consumer goods

  • Understanding how important electricity is for the functioning of our society

  • Know what PV systems are and how they work

  • Learning about ways to represent your own beliefs

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