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Using the daily and individual energy consumption and generation graphs of your school's PV system or the PV teaching equipment system, the benefit of the integral is to be extended to a realistic and pragmatic example.

Using live data or sample data, our fitting program creates the required function terms, making the data "editable" and accessible to integral calculus. Optional tasks pose interesting questions about the fitting process, which are intended to motivate its use in data analysis "in real life".

Instruction video here:

Subject: Mathematics

Year: 11th-12th grade

Duration: 2x90 minutes

Mathematics on PV systems - integral calculus

VAT Included
    • Definite integral, integral function and fundamental theorem of differential and integral calculus (“HDI”).

    • The definite integral as an area balance function

    • Calculation of area (integration, elementary geometry)

    • Interpretation of areas in context

    • Overview and instructions for the teacher
    • Presentation (PPT) for the students
    • Worksheets & Solutions
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