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After a basic introduction to electricity, the students will learn that many relevant devices in our everyday lives can only function with electricity. The aim is to create a basic understanding of electricity, which is only 150 years old, and the devices that are powered by it. In doing so, the students will discover which devices and tools their great-grandparents used to overcome the challenges of everyday life.

Subject: Expertise

Year: 2nd-4th grade

Duration: 45 minutes

Electricity then, now and in the future

VAT Included
    • Understanding the relevance of electricity in everyday life

    • Understand the development of tools and machines

    • Explain the function of selected tools and equipment

    • Worksheets 1-3

    • Powerpoint presentation

    • Glue stick (not included)

    • Scissors (not included)

    • Red and green pen (not included)

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