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Explorer Kit

With the PV learning game “From the sun to electricity” we want to clearly explain to even the youngest among us how photovoltaics works.

The learning game
- enables a playful understanding of the basic functionality of photovoltaics by touching and trying it out.
- is an educational game for all ages and can be used from primary school onwards.
- allows independent assembly and is robust.
- was produced by Caritas in Germany.

The game is suitable for all elementary school classes and also for the oldest children in kindergarten. Under the guidance of teachers or educators, children can independently gain their first experience with how photovoltaics work through the learning station. The extra-large PV modules, the ease of use and the solid construction provide security when trying things out, especially in the lower grades.

The learning game is produced by the Bruck Workshop for People with Disabilities in Fürstenfeldbruck of the Caritas Association of the Archdiocese of Munich and Freising eV.

When selecting the materials and components, special emphasis was placed on recyclability and repairability in addition to child-friendly usability.

The game comes with detailed “game instructions” for carrying out different experiments.

Explorer Kit

VAT Included
    • Test various factors that influence the power generation of a photovoltaic system.
    • Both the angle of inclination and the orientation of the photovoltaic module can be changed by simply turning and rotating.
    • The light source (the sun) can be rotated in a circle around the photovoltaic module at a fixed distance, thus simulating the path of the sun throughout the day.
    • With the help of more or less transparent fabric elements, different types of “clouds” and their influence on electricity generation can be represented.
    • The effect on power generation is shown by lighting up more or fewer LED lights or by running a small fan faster, louder or slower and quieter.
    • These visual and acoustic signals are easy to understand and memorable.
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