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Energy transition
emotional and tangible 

Our materials for teachers and students connect the topics of energy transition and photovoltaics with the  subjects of physics to math, geography and ethics

Our mission is to develop an awareness of energy and our natural resources. 

The energy transition must take place in people's minds, not just on roofs and fields.

We are currently making enormous efforts to technically advance the energy transition. The demands of the people go far beyond that. Our children want to know more about the connections and reasons for the current climate situation.

Through interactive education with forward-looking concepts, we motivate the new generations to actively contribute to our society through active engagement.

Our impact to date


Educational program

We develop curriculum-centric teaching units for all school types, grades and subjects from MINT to geography and ethics using the school photovoltaic (PV) system as a teaching aid.

If a school does not have a PV system, we offer a small systems easy to install and use. In addition, we can accompany the school in the lengthy process of procuring a PV system: from planning to financing, installation and operation. Just contact us to discuss your situation in detail. 

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Exciting teaching content

We have teaching units for each subject and for each grade that meet the requirements of the respective curricula.

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Innovative learning app

In addition, we offer an innovative and gamified app to use in class and at home. It offers 6 hours of learning material about energy, efficiency and sustainability. 

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Dedicated software tools

We provide a dedicated school website with live PV system data: generation, feed-in, etc. plus project design SW for students

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Experimental kit

Model for the laboratory to work in pairs or threesome. The pupils learn how photovoltaics work.


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